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Inflammation & You

Posted by on 4/22/2018 to The Whole You

You & Inflammation !

What is inflammation ? What can we do for inflammation ?

Inflammation is our body's natural response to things as a way to protect the body from harm.
We have two types...let's say you banged your elbow or cut yourself.... ( OUCH ! ) that would be the acute type...In this case inflammation is rushing to help heal the problem area....Without inflammation our infections & wounds would never heal !

And then we have...chronic inflammation...this type of inflammation can last for months...and for some even years....Inflammation is a defense mechanism in our body....It is a part of the body's immune response...We need the inflammatory response to heal....It is the body's way to remove things that shouldn't be there and start healing the body....BUT chronic inflammation can eventually lead to other health problems.

Keep your inflammation well managed for the best results and be consistent...It can be somewhat different for each person but very similar when it comes to pain,swelling,discomfort...the inflammation pushes against sensitive nerves that can sometimes feel unbearable...

There are many products and treatments out there and you need to find what works best for you....
I always go for as natural as possible and 2 of DMinerals products are of great help in this area "Mursey Me Muscle Gel" & "Natures Muscle & Joint Rescue"  
Many need to use a combination of a pain reliever and a topical gel or cream along with a change in diet and exercise.... Although steroids can be helpful.....We all try to avoid steroids as much as possible because steroids come with their own problems that we do not need ...things like blurred vision, bruising, high blood pressure, weight gain, unwanted hair growth, cataracts, acne, glaucoma, psychological effects, increased risks of infections, thinning bones etc....

We need to counteract an enzyme that contributes to inflammation and pain to help reduce it or prevent it....

There are also other things from Mother Nature that may help some of us !

Turmeric for one has been found to help many for inflammation and other things as well....You can buy this in loose powdered form, fresh and capsules, extracts and even in drinks and paste form ! Research-studies have shown that it can help reduce pain and help with movement in osteoarthritis, skin inflammation, may reduce blood sugar, anti-inflammatory properties etc...

CBD- Cannabidiol-Hemp has been used for years and years for pain and inflammation, muscle spasms...A very safe choice for many health issues....Studies have shown significant reduction in inflammation & pain when using Hemp CBD. When buying Hemp CBD buy the purest from a company that is transparent... Best Product Choice Here

Ginger is known for being an ant-inflammatory and has been used for many years for many things including relieving pain for some things....and rheumatoid arthritis is just one of the things that tend to get some relief with ginger...
In a study done by The University Of Miami ...they found that ginger extract reduced pain and stiffness in the knee joints of participants with osteoarthritis by over 40%  over the ones that took placebos..


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